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A Simple Christmas – What Are You Celebrating?


“The people who find the most pleasure in Christmas are the ones who have taken control of the celebration and shaped it to conform to their own wishes and values. They know what’s most important about Christmas to them and they’ve found ways to make those values come alive.” – from Unplug the Christmas Machine

People hope Christmas will do many things for them. They want the holiday to renew their sense of wonder, heighten their religious experiences, draw their family closer together, enable them to reach out to others, and just generally have fun. Continue reading


A Simple Christmas – Day Two


So, did you spend few minutes yesterday daydreaming about your fantasy Christmas?

As I’ve chatted with people over the years about their ideal holiday, several themes seem to be almost universal:  A harmonious connection with nature, reuniting deeply with family and friends, a spirit of love and affection, and some carefree time with laughter and fun thrown in for good measure.  If gifts appear in the fantasies at all, they’re usually simple, spontaneous and heartfelt … and not the center of the festivities. Continue reading

A Simple Christmas Workshop – Day One

This year, I’d been planning on putting together an email workshop for simplifying the holidays and putting love and joy back into the celebration of Christmas. But I hadn’t planned on being so distracted by grad school, life, etc., this month.

So instead of a full workshop, I think I’ll just post some of the questions-for-thought here on the blog over the next few days. Feel free to tell your online and Facebook friends in case any of them would like to give some thought to how to make gentle and meaningful changes to the holiday season. Continue reading