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How to Make Yourself DO IT!

Maxine’s Housekeeping Tips –  Part #3
How to Make Yourself DO IT!
SUBMITTED BY: Maxine in Idaho

(No, ladies, we are NOT talking about sex here!) Today’s organizational tip is about remembering and motivating yourself to get things done.

One of the biggest problems we random housekeepers have is remembering to do things. The answer, of course, is to WRITE THINGS DOWN. Then you don’t have to remember anything except to look at the list occasionally! Continue reading

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Minimum Maintenance

Maxine’s Housekeeping Tips –  Part #2
SUBMITTED BY: Maxine in Idaho
Tuesday’s Tip: Minimum Maintenance

Yesterday, I told you I would make a daily posting of the tips and strategies I have used over the years to gradually improve my housekeeping skills. Today’s tip is a strategy suggested by Bonnie McCullough, author of Totally Organized: The Bonnie McCullough Way. Continue reading

Housekeeping Confession — and first tip from Maxine

Maxine’s Housekeeping Tips – Part #1
SUBMITTED BY: Maxine in Idaho
Housekeeping Confession — and first tip from Maxine

How a person “keeps house” often is more a reflection of organizational skills than it is pride of ownership. Housework is just a lot harder for some people!

I don’t mean the physical work involved in vacuuming, cleaning toilets, etc., although I have to say it is easier to clean a clean house than a dirty one! I have always had a terrible time getting and keeping my house clean. It’s always just on the messy side. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d love to be a 9, I’d be happy to be a 6, right now I am a 4, and I used to be a 2! And it has taken me over 30 years to get this far. Continue reading

Silver Cleaning — The Easy Way!


Silver Cleaner (baking soda and foil method)

To use the aluminum foil and baking soda method to clean your silver, heat water in a frying pan (I use my electric one) at least one inch deep. Place a piece of foil to fit the bottom of the pan and sprinkle baking soda in the water. Continue reading