The Simple Mom’s Idea Book is now free!

I changed the price of the ebook downloadable version of The Simple Mom’s Idea Book … it’s now FREE! Yep, you read that right. I decided it was a lot more important to me that it got into people’s hands than making a few cents here and there.

Feel free to tell your friends. ♥

Blurb from the website:

While starting life as a new wife and mom, the author always wished for a personal mentor. Someone who could take her under their wing and show her the ropes of how to be a stay-at-home mom, live on one income, survive in a tough economy, educate her three lively kids, and successfully raise three active children. If you’ve been looking for some simple ideas for life and homemaking from someone’s who been around the block more than once, look no further. Have no fear … the Simple Mom is here!

Download your free copy here:  The Simple Mom’s Idea Book (ebook)

The print paperback version is still available, as well, but I couldn’t lower its price to zero like I could with the ebook.  You can order it from this link if you’d prefer a book you can hold:  The Simple Mom’s Idea Book (paperback)

One response to “The Simple Mom’s Idea Book is now free!

  1. Awesome!!!! Thank You!!!!


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