I have a new Facebook page!

Stop by and “Like” me.  Hope to see you there!  https://www.facebook.com/debitaylorhough

Here are four things to know about my Facebook fan page:

It’s Directly from Me!

Some authors hire other folks to do their social networking for them. Well, not me!  Even if I could afford to hire someone, I’d still want to keep tabs on what’s happening there, myself.  You’ll find assorted information about freezer cooking, saving money, simple living, parenting, and anything else that happens to cross my mind as I’m going about my day.

It’s a Glimpse into My Real Life!

Ever wonder what I do during the day?  Well, other than directly asking my kids, my cats, or my neighbors, you can follow me on Facebook and get a glimpse into the “real” me as I try to stay ahead of the dirty laundry, mossy lawn, messy storage shed, gunky microwave, and all!

It’s a Two-Way Conversation!

Social media is all about connections and conversations, and I really do watch what you say on my Fan Page.  And I usually respond — if I’m not swamped with homework, that is (I’ve gone back to college full-time).  Feel free to post a question or a comment — and if I don’t respond, someone else probably will. We’re a friendly bunch.  :-)

It’s Easy to Sign Up!

If you don’t have a Facebook account already, it just takes a minute or two to set it up. Just go to http://www.facebook.com, fill out the little form, click the “sign up” button, and you’re set. Next, visit my Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/debitaylorhough  and then click on the “Like” button. Now when you log in to your Facebook account, you’ll see my most recent posts on your News Feed.

Hope to see you there.  Or as we said back in the day, “Be there or be square!”

~Debi Taylor-Hough

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