My Favorite Summer Recipe: Debi’s Confetti Salad

Gluten-free.  Meat-free.  Cheese-free.  I even made ours sugar-free.  Sounds like there’s nothing in it but air, doesn’t it?  Nothing but yummy deliciousness, that is! :-D

Debi’s Confetti Salad

200+ Summertime Boredom Busters for Kids

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Excerpted and adapted with permission from
The Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book.

bored kidsWe always tried not to use the phrase “I’m bored!” in our home while the kids were growing up.  Consequently, we didn’t hear our kids complaining about being bored during those long days at home during the summer months. But I have to admit that we were still an incredibly normal family, so even without the “b-word” in their vocabulary, there were still those times when my three children were at a total loss for something constructive to do. Continue reading

A Frugal Simple Life’s Top Ten Posts


I was just randomly browsing through the stats for this page today and found this list.  Here are the Top Ten Posts on this blog of all time:

  1. Cream-of-Whatever Soup Substitute
  2. Mostly Vegetarian Monthly Meal Plan
  3. Mix-n-Match Skillet Meals (a DIY hamburger helper type mix)
  4. Homemade Instant Coffee Mixes
  5. How to Create an Emergency Binder
  6. One Income Living in a Two Income World
  7. Tater Tot Casserole (2 options)
  8. Gift Basket Ideas
  9. Super Easy “Pat-It-In-The-Pan” Pie Crust
  10. Debi’s Mix-n-Match Quick Bread

I guess this is sort of a “best of” list based on the viewing/reading habits of visitors.  The Cream-of-Whatever Soup Substitute outperformed every other page/post by about 100 to 1!  It’s my most popular post ever on any of my blogs or other online resources because it went viral on Pinterest a while back.

Enjoy browsing the list!  :)

Low Budget Meal Planning

Excerpted and adapted with permission from The Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book.

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

save money shoppingHow much of your family’s hard earned money goes to groceries? $150 per week? $100?

Believe it or not, it’s relatively simple to spend as little as $50 per week on groceries for a family of five or six. But slashing the food bill down to those lower numbers means you may need to rethink the way your family eats. Continue reading

Contentment Robbers & Thieves

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

piggy-bank-thief-1024x533A while back, someone told me that they were tired of being in debt and were ready to get their spending under control. But they were concerned about the fact that they still enjoyed spending money to pamper themselves. They were looking for inexpensive “luxury” ideas. Continue reading